Chapter 12: How To Get Women To Sleep With You

You have probably heard the saying "Mind over matter" – which means if you
believe you will succeed then you are more likely to succeed. So, you need to
think about what you want and how you are going to get it. Obviously, you want to
get an attractive woman into bed. To do this, you need to figure out what a woman is looking for in a man before she'll go to bed with him. If you asked a woman what
would get her into bed, she would deny that such a thing, method, or technique
existed. But as a man with the knowledge, I'm here to share it! This chapter will
reveal techniques for getting a woman to sleep with you.

Throughout this entire book, and especially Chapter 3 What Women Want, you have learned different ways to impress a woman. A woman who responds to your flirting will likely respond to your sexual advances as well. Believe it or not, women are looking for sex, too – you just need to let them play the game with you. Let a woman think that she is leading the chase. Women like control just as much as men do, so you have to go along with her. Let her decide she wants to go to bed with you, and she will be more willing to sleep with you. Give her what she wants, and she'll return the favor.

Build Anticipation

It's a well-known fact that women take longer to get "in the mood" than men do. A
stiff breeze will do it for a guy who is eager for action! But women need more
attention, more lead-time. You need to hint to her that you are interested in taking
your relationship to the next level, and let her know you think she's sexy and
attractive. Show her lots of attention, and be very touchy-feely with her. By giving a
woman these reassurances you make sure that she's going to stick around and give
you what you want in return.

A great way to woo a woman, and to lead her to the bedroom, is to surprise her with romance. This is especially effective if you don't spoil her – then she will appreciate it even more. When you surprise a woman with romance, she feels flattered and appreciated. When a woman feels appreciated she is more responsive to sexual advances.

Reassure Her

There are a few main fears that hold a woman back in a new relationship. These
fears are also a key for you to use to unlock a woman's defensive feelings. If you
understand what these fears are, and you express your knowledge of them to a
woman, she will feel more secure being with you. Read this section to gain an
understanding into a woman's hesitations to going to bed with a man. You can
alleviate her fear and anxiety and it will make the transition into the bedroom more

Ease a woman's fears and you will
better your chances for success.

1.Am I sexy enough?
2.Am I good-looking enough?

Many women worry that they aren't pretty enough, or sexy enough. This low
self-esteem issue is engrained into women from the day they are born.
Women are subjected to "perfect" models everyday in magazines,
advertisements, and TV. It's no surprise many women have a complex. They
worry about their size, weight, shape, skin, imperfections, their clothes, their
hair, everything! As men, we don't usually understand that a woman needs
reassurance to feel good about her self. To make her feel more attractive
around you, tell her what you love about her. Compliment her on her eyes, her
skin, her waist (granted she has a nice one), her soft skin, or her hands or
nails. You should avoid mentioning her breasts, though, unless you absolutely
love them. Women have a way of taking any comment and turning into a
negative one. Women are especially paranoid about their breast size and
shape when they are getting undressed with a new guy. So, if you can't say
anything genuinely nice, then don't say anything.

3.Will he use protection?

This is a fear you should share, actually. There is always the risk of
pregnancy and STDs when you have sex with a woman. Use a condom. Every






In this day and age, there is the also the fear of the AIDS virus. It is incurable
right now. You don't want to get infected with HIV just because you refused to
wear a condom. You should go out and buy new condoms, even before the
expiry date, to ensure freshness. Many women will actually refuse to sleep
with you if you don't wear a condom. This is not a rejection towards you; it is
a rejection to her exposure to the unknown. It is safe and good practice to
always wear a condom. If the woman you are with is easy to talk to, you
should bring up the issue of wearing a condom before the actual moment
arises. This will not only put her at ease, it will let her know it's important to
you. Her best interests as well as yours are being protected.

4.Will he leave me?

Women get tied in emotionally when they enter the bedroom. Women tend to worry
more than men do about what will happen after sex. It is common for a woman to
think that a guy will use her and leave her. You need to recognize that she might be
feeling this way, so reassure her that you aren't going anywhere. Let her know she
can count on you for support and reassurance when she needs it. It is effective to
talk about something in the future that involves the two of you being together. Not
marriage, of course, but maybe a concert event, or plans for a few weeks away.
Remind her that you are there because you want to be, and that you like her enough
to spend your time with her.

Use Subliminal Messages

You want a woman to think about sex, especially when she is with you. There is
something to be said for subliminal messages. Plan your dialogue to reflect your
sexual desires. Use vocabulary that is associated with feelings and sensations
related to sex. For example, use words such as ‘hot', ‘passionate', or ‘delicious' to describe a pasta dish or the colors in her apartment. Use the word ‘climax' when
discussing a movie or music. You can use the power of suggestion to create sexual
feelings within a woman's subconscious. Try to use words that you know she will
associate with feelings of sexual desire.

By using sexual language you can put a woman into a receptive state of
mind, she will actually think of and visualize having sex with you. Be careful
not to be obvious or offensive when interjecting suggestive words or phrases. If you
are going to actually discuss sex, you should be sure not to assume you'll be having
sex with this woman. Start off by talking about something sexual you might come
across - the hot, steamy scene in a movie you are watching, or an article in a
magazine you have read. Open up her mind to the idea of sex. Using this technique
effectively will work magic the next time you are trying to persuade a woman into

When and How to Kiss

Kissing is often under-rated by men. However, women consider kissing a key factor to getting her into bed. Kissing a woman heightens her physical response to smell, taste, and touch. When you kiss a woman you aren't just getting her to kiss you back, you are getting her physically ready to have sex. This is especially true for
women who have experienced great sex. Her body knows what could be in store,
and the sexual expectation makes her want to sleep with you even more!

Knowing when to make your move is very important. You don't want her to reject
you, and you don't want to have an uncomfortable moment if you try to kiss her lips
and she turns her head. A really good indication that a woman is ready to be kissed
is if she looks right into your eyes, without saying anything. She will look
expectantly at you, and she'll smile. If she remains silent, and holds her gaze, then
you know it's time to plant your lips on hers.

To start kissing a woman,
you simply have to initiate a kiss on her lips.

A woman's response will create the natural interaction that makes kissing so
exciting. The first kiss might not be smooth and natural, but don't let it stop you from proceeding with your persuasion. Kiss her cheeks, her neck, and her collarbone. Put your hand on her lower cheek and look into her eyes. Kiss her softly at first, to build the sexual energy between you.

Excite her, and yourself,
with the anticipation of more.

When you are kissing a woman, be sure to match her style of kissing. You don't
want to push your tongue down her throat if she is interlocking lips. When your
kisses start getting longer, then you can start French kissing with small, short
tongue movements into her mouth. Once she follows your lead, and responds with
tongue movements of her own, you can get more passionate. The intensity of her
kissing will also indicate her interest in getting more physical than you are already.
To keep the mood romantic and sexual, be sure to keep your kisses
slobber-free, and avoid bad breath. Have a mint or gum after dinner if you need

By kissing a woman, you identify that you are in a relationship with her. It tells her
that you want to be with her, which gives her a sense of security. This is an
important step towards moving your relationship into the bedroom. She will be more willing to become intimate with you if she feels safe and secure with you.

Pick Up On Her Cues

With all this talk about ways for men to imply sexual desire, we should mention that
women often do the same.

Women use methods of suggestion that are different from ours, so men often don't pick up on them.

Women seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to sex. They know – they can
feel – when the time is right to take a relationship to the next level. If you can pick up on her interest to go to bed with you then you are more perceptive than most men. Often, men lose out on opportunities to get laid because they don't know when to make their move. You can look for her signals as invitations to advance sexually. Observe how she acts physically around you. The list below contains signals to help you determine when the time is right.

If she sits, stands, and/or walks very near to you.
She wants to kiss you a lot.
She talks about sex – either in general, or specifically about having sex with you. She invites you into her apartment, or she invites herself into yours, at the end of a date.
She sets the mood for sex – lighting, music, and candles.
She cuddles with you during a movie, or while hanging out on the couch.
She hints about being able to spend more time with you – maybe she has a day off, or she looks forward to the weekend.
She kisses you deeply and passionately and doesn't end the kissing.

These cues are all intended to let you know that she is ready to become more
intimate with you. Keep these things in mind when you go out with a woman to see if you can pick up on her subtle communications. Once you can read her signals, you will always know the right time to kiss her, to undress her, and to take her to bed.

The Morning After

A woman will become more vulnerable once you have sex with her, so it is important for you to show her respect. When women go to bed, they take their emotions with them. Be sure to reassure her emotionally. Tell her you had a really good time with her, and that you can't wait for the next sleepover. Offer her breakfast, or if you have no other obligations, suggest you spend the morning (and afternoon?) in bed. This will give the woman you are with confidence that you want to keep seeing her. She will know that you aren't going anywhere. By offering reassurance, you show her that this relationship means something to you, and she knows it is heading in the right direction.

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